Lead-Based Paint Services

Matrix has extensive experience in performing lead-based paint surveys for subsidized housing, commercial real-estate, and private residential structures. Our surveys can be performed using bulk paint chip samples or nondestructive XRF testing. After field work and laboratory results are complete, Matrix issues a final report identifying components which are coated with lead-based paint. If lead-based paint is identified, our report will also include recommendations for mitigation of possible lead hazards. Surveys may be performed as a stand alone project or in conjunction with a risk assessment.
Risk Assessment After a lead-based paint survey is performed, a lead hazard risk assessment is typically requested. A typical risk assessment consists of the collection of dust wipe samples from floors, window sills, and window wells and the collection of soil
samples from high contact play areas and the perimeter dripline. After laboratory analysis of wipe and soil samples, lead levels are compared to EPA guidelines for lead in dust and soil to determine if a lead hazards is present.

Abatement Designs and Clearance Testing In order to mitigate lead hazards in child occupied facilities, or target housing a lead-based paint abatement design is typically prepared. Matrix will prepare the technical specifications and drawings delineating the lead-based paint to be removed and the engineering controls to be utilized during removal. Matrix will also prepare an Occupant Protection Plan to be utilized for the project in order to protect occupants if evacuation of all units is not possible. Once removal is complete, Matrix will obtain the necessary clearance wipe samples using published HUD and EPA protocols.